Ultrasound Imaging


The customer is a major oil services company providing a full range of high quality products and services to oil and gas clients globally.

The Challenge

An ultrasound device was developed by the company to inspect the interiors of oil wells. They needed a software system which would not only control the device, but be able to reliably acquire and process large amounts of continuous data in a time-critical manner. The data then needed to be displayed visually in an easy to interpret user interface, with a supported tool for writing reports.

The Solution/Technology

Kvikna developed an imaging and measurement platform that uses adaptive high-speed telemetry to provide real-time imagery of the subsurface environment. Advanced signal and image processing algorithms combine to produce high-resolution 2D and 3D rendered images, along with precise dimensional measurements.

In addition, a powerful browser application manages maintenance jobs and recordings. The management system processes a large amount of data and can be run remotely or on a local workstation. A custom user administration system allows easy sharing of delicate information with customers.