Kvikna has the expertise and experience required to steer your complex hardware/software projects from conception to completion. We have partnered with companies in the medical and industrial fields, providing solutions requiring complex algorithms, advanced signal processing and data management, and meeting the highest quality standards. See our CASE STUDIES for some examples of what we can do and CONTACT us if you want to know more.
Kvikna is an Icelandic word meaning to spark or come to life.


Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Modeling Simulation Firmware Device communication Software User Experience Video Databases Cloud service AI MODELING SIMULATION FIRMWARE COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE UI/UX VIDEO DATABASES CLOUD

Artificial Intelligence

Deep neural networks use multiple layers to acquire knowledge of complex system with a large amount of data.

Mathematical Modeling

Mathematical models are used to analyze a system to be controlled or optimized.


Simulation is an imitation of a real world process over time and is one of the fundamentals in software development. Kvikna develops models for complex behaviour and functions of physical or abstract systems.


Embedded software is used to control machines and devices, often without human interaction. The embedded software is specialized for the particular hardware it runs on.

Device Communication

It is often necessary to connect computers and other devices using different protocols, e.g. Bluetooth or WiFi. This is where device communication comes into play.


Interactive applications running on desktop computers, laptops or hand held devices play a central role in Kvikna’s services.


Every software solution requires a user interface that is well organized, attractive and easy for the user to understand and use. Our experienced team can provide a user experience that is tailored to specific devices and platforms, while adhereing to a look and feel consistent with your branding guidlines.

Multiple Videos

Kvikna has developed their own video software which can be tailored to customer needs. Multiple video screens can be streamed simultaneously, with optimal performance acheived by utilizing compression algorithms. See the iEEG and Miros case studies for two examples of how streaming video can enhance software solutions.


Databases store useable data which the software retrieves and massive databases require performance optimization. Kvikna has solved the problem of securely storing and accessing more than a million EEG patient records, including patient demographics, EEG data and simulatenous video. The result speaks for itself —fast processing and customer satisfaction.

Cloud Service

Cloud computing eliminates geographical limitations while enhancing security and minimizing IT infrastructure costs. Kvikna takes this a step further by building cloud services into the software itself, as opposed to using cloud services as a 3rd party add-on. In this way, access is controlled, software is always up to date, and data integrity is preserved.

Kvikna develops high-tech software solutions using state of the art technologies.
Browse the examples below to get an idea of the range of our expertise



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We are located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and service clients internationally. Kvikna is strategically situated between Europe and North America on the GMT time zone. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your project!

Kvikna ehf.
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Phone: +354 578 8400 , Email: kvikna@kvikna.com

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